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I want to export a heatsink mesh file into fluent. According to the below pictures, a volume of fluid passes through a heatsink using a suction fan located inside the elbow duct.

The mesh was produced using automesh and solid map (line drag) for solid and fluid parts. Boundary conditions were defined as figs 1,2 and 3 shows. As figs 4 and 5 show, while I was exporting the final model to fluent, the error says that there is duplicate and mixed element types in my model. What can I do to fix this error and export my model successfully in the fluent?

looking forward to receive your kind help :)






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Duplicate elements can be found from "Tools>>check elems". There depending on 2D or 3D check for duplicates.




Then click on save failed. Go to delete element (F2) and press on element and select retrieve and then delete these elements.



For mixed elements please check again that you have assigned the correct property to the respective elements i.e. PSOLID to solid elements and PSHELL to shell elements.



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1 hour ago, Sinaabazariyan said:


Dear Q.Nguyen-Dai and Sanjay Nainani

thanks for your help. When I click on duplicates>save failed>F2 , Hypermesh deletes the whole model, not the highlited elements.

Furthermore, I need a more detailed solution for fixing mixed elements.

Thank you again :)


Read my post carefully please !

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