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Balaji Viswanadh G

Loading many antennas results

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Hi all,


The ProMan simulation that am currently working on has close to 30 antennas. It feels tedious and frustrating to do 'Edit--> Combine data --> Max value' manually for each antenna every time I run the simulation.  Please help me find out if there is a way where all antennas heat maps can be loaded at one go.




Have a great day


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Hi Balaji,


the superposition of the individual coverage results can be done in a network planning project by RunNet based on the corresponding air interface (wireless standard definition file *.wst).

For this purpose you need to define a network planning project in ProMan, select the air interface definition file (wst file which we provide for the most air interfaces). Then the simulation has two steps:

  1. RunPRO is computing the individual coverage for each defined Tx antenna, based on the assigned frequency carrier
  2. RunNET superposes the individual results to compute the overall received power, SNIR situation etc.
    The results of interest can be activated under the Network tab of the ProMan project parameters.

Best regards

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