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Harish Rao

Alignment of entities before morphing

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I am trying to morph a mesh onto a surface using 'morph to geometry' command. Before morphing, it is important to align the mesh and geometry correctly. For this I used 'Tool>position' command. But I had to use this command several times to align the to entities correctly. Since I have to do a lot of morphing on different entities, I was wondering if there is any automatic/semi automatic way to align them appropriately before morphing? Or is there a script based method to input a 4x4 transformation matrix into Hypermesh for aligning two entities?


Thanks for your help.



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Hi Nguyen,


Sorry for not posting the pictures. As an example, I have to morph the mesh (in pink) onto the surface (in blue). So the first step here is aligning both of them. I wanted to know if there are better methods to align other than 'position command'? Or if there is a script based method where I can input a transformation matrix to align these two entities?



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