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Distributed load on edge

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Hi all,


Does anyone know how to apply a uniformly distributed load along the edge of several elements?

For example, I want to apply a load of 50 N/m along this nodes (see image)



Thanks in advance,



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This can be done using the rbe3 element.

Take a central node and "duplicate and translate" it vertically to some distance.


Now go to the rbe3 panel and take the translated node as dependent node and the nodes on the line as independent nodes. This will create a rbe 3 element.

Now you can assign the force to the translated node.


The RBE3 element is a powerful tool for distributing applied loads and mass in a model. Unlike the RBAR and RBE2 elements, the RBE3 doesn't add additional stiffness to your structure. Forces and moments applied to reference points are distributed to a set of independent degrees of freedom based on the RBE3 geometry and local weight factors.



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