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Create topo databases by hand?

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For the manual definition of a topo database ProMan can be used based on the following steps:
• In ProMan select Data => Topography => New Database
• Then define the UTM zone, e.g. 32
• Define LL and UR corners plus resolution
• Load a bitmap in background or skip the bitmap import
• Define min and max topo values
• Draw the terrain profile (e.g. rectangle with constant height over the defined area) with the mouse using the corresponding buttons from the upper tool bar:
• Finally save the via Data => Topo Database => Save As

Alternatively you can export one of the sample *.tdb files (examples came with the installation) in ProMan via File => Export to the ASCII grid format and then you can modify this ASCII file to generate an arbitrary terrain profile and import then back in ProMan.


We'd like to mention that typically the topographical databases are not generated from scratch, but converted from other formats using the ProMan or WallMan tools.
This is because it is very difficult or rather impossible to define a detailed terrain profile manually.
For the conversion WinProp supports several converters:
• MSI Planet (Marconi)
• Siemens Tornado & Tornado N
• Aircom Enterprise
• Nokia NetAct & NPS/X
• Ericsson TEMS
• Agilent Wizard
• ArcView Shapefile
• ASCII Grid (*.asc)

There is also some free topo map data available. E.g. topo data (SRTM) in 1arcsec and 3arcsec resolution under:

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