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Jalil Ridhwan

Tetrameshing Complex Part

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Hello, I am a student from University Kuala Lumpur.

Here I'm trying to do some meshing of a train coach frame (for study purpose only, not for any profit), and there were so many errors in the meshing.

Can I know WHY and HOW to mesh whole frame? I've spent about 3 days trying to mesh this. But still I find only errors.

Thank you.


- Jalil Ridhwan


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Shell and beam analysis?
Oh my, I'm so confuse right now.

Can you guide me a little, on how to do it?

So we have to use the 2D > automeshing? (Please refer to the picture)

*I thought that are for 1D or 2D only, since I am doing 3D.


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Before start the work, you HAVE TO define what type of element which can give you the best results.

Make all TET mesh with this kind of structure is definitively NOT good idea.

I will give you 3/20 if that's your homework and if I'm your prof :)


So close your Hypermesh session. Turn off your PC and have some reading on good Finite Elements Textbook :P


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I'm sorry? I am a bachelor student. And I was given only less than a week to do the analysis on whole train coach by my lecturer.
I have to design the coach on my own using Solidworks. And I'm not taking only one subject.

If I do, sure, I will have a good time reading the boring book so called Finite Elements Textbook. :)

Just reminding to never judge others if you are not in their shoes okay?


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