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I am trying to import the pressures on a surface from a file onto my model in HyperMesh. I will need to do this via linear interpolation I believe.

I am struggling with a few parts of this, so would like to ask the following questions?


  1. Does the surface mesh of the model used in the VWT CFD need to be the same as the surface mesh that I will use in HyperMesh for the optimisation? Or can it be refined/changed after the CFD has been performed and the linear interpolation feature will calculate the correct magnitude of the nodal pressure load?
  2. Will the changing of the surfaces (e.g. adding a surface in/moving the surface boundaries) affect the success of being able to use the linear interpolation feature for the surface pressures?
  3. Does the nodal pressure file for the surfaces exported from AcuOut need doctoring at all before it can be used? By this I mean do I need to change any spaces to comma's or change the file type from .out to .tpl?


Thank you in advance


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So in repsonce to my inital questions:

1. The mesh can change, but it is ideal if the change in the mesh density is minimal.

2. The surfaces can change but as long as the geometry (shape and size) itself is the same it is okay.

3. -


I would appriciate it greatly if someone could confirm these above statements are correct.


Thank you


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