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Showing spring reaction force as vector in Radioss

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Hello, I have a suspension arm with a ball joint modeled in Radioss.  My ball joint is modeled as a beam element connected to a zero length SPRING2N with very high translation rigidity and 0 torsional rigidity.


I would like to be able to show the reaction force acting in my SPRING2N as a vector to appreciated visually and in one glance its orientation in space.  I can use an output block /TH/SPRING to plot the magnitude but this does not provide the orientation.  I tried /ANIM/VECT but none of the options seem to offer what I am looking for.  I also tried /ANIM/SPRING/FORC, but I can't find "where" this result is plotted (vector, contour?).  Any help on how I can do what I want?  Thanks

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Hello, I tried those two options already (/ANIM/VECT/FINT and /ANIM/VECT/FEXT), and they do not seem to output what I am looking for.  To be honest, I don't fully understand what these options output exactly.


But I do know that they do not have the correct order of magnitude nor orientation at the node/element I am interested in.  /FINT gives me order of magnitude of 10N force and /FEXT gives me 10e-6N where from my /TH/SPRING I know I am looking for 10e4N force.


Any other option?




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