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Centre of rotation for surfaces in Virtual Wind Tunnel

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I have an assembly of surfaces in VWT, and would like to rotate a group of these surfaces that make up a wing. The problem is that I would like to rotate about the quarter chord in each case, but by default rotation is being made about the centroid. Is there a way to change the point about which rotation is made in VWT?


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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VWT environment was conceptualized essentially for a car and the workflow there is strongly oriented for external aerodynamics of a car. Hence that option is not currently available, as VWT take the Center of the wheels.


One option would be to start a "dummy simulation" from VWT. This would create an AcuConsole database in the run folder (with time stamp in the folder name). Open .acs file  in AcuConsole and you could redefine the center.

Or if you could change the center directly in  .inp file.



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