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I have been using the HyperStudy optimization for some time and it looks to me that many of my optimization problems goes on forever and not giving me a solution though its a very simple model with single objective and some constraints. 


I looked at the evaluation data and found that Hyperstudy uses several decimal digits when it passes the design variable for the next iteration. I just want Hyperstudy to limit it to 1 or 2 decimals. Is there a way where I can specify the accuracy of decimal digits during optimization|?


Thanks in advance

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In addition of Rahul's answers I would like to provide some additional information. 

1) Let me come back to your initial request. You said that your optimization with GRSM did not provide a satisfying solution. I would suggest to investigate this. Please, find attached some good practices on GRSM use that may help you to get insight on your optimization.  

2) Menu File --> Export archive allows packaging the study files in archive file (.hstx).

3) The values precision for continuous dvs is managed internally by HyperStudy. If you would like that dvs take specific values (with less decimals) you may prefer using discrete variables instead of continuous ones. Thus, you can specify the variation step (ex. 0.1) in the allowed range.


Hope it helps. 


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