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Hi, I am using the Incremental Radioss in Hyperform. It would be of great help if you could help me with the procedure for adding or editing the FLC curve (forming limit curve) for the material in hyperform. The tutorial says it has an option for FLC under the setup tool. But I could not find that option in the setup menu. I am using the Hyperform 2017 full version. kindly guide me.


Also, can you kindly help me with evaluating the result file. I am not getting the .res file even after the simulation gets over. How do I get the .res files? Or how can I evaluate the results without that file.


Thank you and help me as soon as possible.

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Thanks for your reply. I knew the method of viewing the FLC results from the animation files. But my doubt is, I need to modify the FLC Curve for the material which I added in the database manually. Is it possible to modify the FLC Curve manually or can I plot the FLC properties of the user added material manually into the database?


Thanks in advance. 

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