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Hello everybody,


I'm using Simlab 2017.1 and I would like to automatically set some mesh constrains to a specific colored CAD face.

I import CAD file with colors, so I'm able to see them. Unfortunately the only way I know to get all surfaces of the same color is "Inspect-->faces-->by color", but in this case I have to select at least one face directly on CAD model (and it is recognized by its ID, that could change from one CAD file to another one).

Is it possible to create different groups (containing colored CAD faces) for each color?

Thank you very much.


Best regards,


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Buongiorno Alessandro, I suggest you this procedure.

- Select ONE face of one color (for example, a blue one) and create a group with this face, for example named "BLUE_GROUP".

- Repeat the procedure for all other colors. At the end, you will have as many groups as the colors you have (RED_GROUP, YELLOW_GROUP, and so on); in each group just one face.

- Now go to file/export/specifications and export a group template, based on FACE COLORS.

You can delete the groups you did before. When importing the group template, all faces of the color will be put in the related group.


Store the template so that you'll use again next time you have a geometry with the same colors.


I hope this will help you!

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