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Material curve longitudinal and transverse (thermoplastic Polymer)

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on your opinion, what kind of material formulation could be the best for the material described by the attached graph?

Considering we want to apply on the structure  a static load case and the material is a Thermoplastic Polymer.

I'm using Optistruct solver


thank you


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Hi @Franz_M


What are all material properties you have?


If you just have linear properties and stress-strain curve, you can use MATS1 in OptiStruct to define material non-linearity and use NLSTAT analysis type. 

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The other given material properties values are:




I had to suppose 0.35 as poisson ratio, that is missing as you can see.


I tried to use MATS1, as you suggest, with "non-linear quasi-static" as analisys type.


In this forum, I've seen in other similar topic, so on that base:

I have created a stress-stain curve as TABLES1,  so that curve is the TID for MATS1.

In MATS1 card I have choosen "PLASTIC" as Type and "0" as TYPSTRN.


In order to create the curve I had to modify the experimental curve to avoiding negative slope or increasing slope (else I obtained erros during the model RUN)

So the curve I could use is the green one in the follow graph:



I think this is the simpiest way to execute the analisys by an implicit code. Do you think it is correct? 


I think material supplyer omitted the poisson ratio, because he gives tranversal values, are there a way to implement these values?



I hope I didn't make mistakes and the explanation shoul be  clear


thank you






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