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Evgeniy Zakutin

License Error on VirtualBox

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Hello everybody,


The following things state the problem:

  • there is a Windows 10 VirtualBox machine installed on the linux host system (Kubuntu 18.04);
  • The connection with the license server is established over university VPN (OpenVPN);
  • We don't have any local license files in security folder, the licenses are called directly from the server;
  • Local environments are added in Windows virtual machine (ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH);
  • Altair License Utility (almutil) shows the connection to the server and sees all available license;
  • The server pings;
  • Everything works on the physical Windows 10 machine;
  • On the virtual machine FEKO and HyperMesh cannot be run and show error message (indicated below);
  • Tried to disable the firewall on VM, doesn't help;
  • Tried to use NAT and Bridged network adapters, as well as the same MAC addresses, also doesn't help.
SECFEKO Version 2017.2-26 from 2017-05-26
          (compiled for target PC_WIN64_EM64T_MKL, 64 bit)

ERROR  9161:
  An error occurred while checking out a licence
  Altair License Manager: License error

Feature(s): GlobalZoneAM, HyperWorks, HWFEKOGUI
Error Code: 9
Error Description:
[NETWORK] 6200@ - (Err: 9) Feature not found

Feature: FEKOGUI
Error Code: 9
Error Description:
[LOCAL] C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\security\altair_lic.dat - (Err: 6) Unable to read file
[NETWORK] 6200@ - (Err: 9) Feature not found

License Path: 6200@;C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\security\altair_lic.dat


Is there any way to run the software on the virtual machine?


Any help appreciated!

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