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How to "paste" or "undo" meshed surfaces? (and other questions)

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Hello, I am starting to learn how Simlab works, so far so good, the only thing I cant figure our is...

If I delete a surface:

1- Lets say I have an outdated copy of those same meshed surfaces, how can I copy that specific surface from the old mesh to the new one?

2- Lets say I make another surface, how can I make the new nodes align with the adjacent surfaces? (so I don't get "overlapping errors")

3- How can I edit or create an edge-to-fill so that if I use "fill-edge-command" the right edge will be selected (and not random lines all over the place).

4- How can I undo a deleted surface? what is the deal with ctrl-z?


Thanks For your input, will be bothering you with more questions as time goes on.



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Hello HC, some answers for you, I hope these will help you:


1- The command to do this is Geometry | Face | Replace. This works by selecting the faces/body you want to copypaset into your model, and the destination body. In same cases it works better if you select, instead of the destination body, the faces you want to replace.



2- There are different ways. Geometry | Face | Replace is often a good way (you can replace faces also to fill a hole). In order to "stitch" edges other good options are: Geometry|Face|Modify| Break; and Assembly|Imprint|Edges on Edges. If you have difficulties in finding these commands, the new release SL 2017.2.2 has a search command (CTRL+F) to find the panel you are looking for.

3 - In order to select a free-edge loop to fill, choose the entity selector FreeEdge Loop.

This is activated automatically if you choose the fill-option: Mesh|Fill|Edge|Single Face

4- Undo-option (CTRL+Z or undo-arrow in the vertical tool list) is not yet supported for all commands, but in every SimLab release it is supported for more commands. Deleting Surfaces or Bodies supports Undo starting from SimLab 2017.2.2, which has been released last week. Please download this latest SL version and it will work.





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