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Re-Open AcuSolve Control Window

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I've started a CFD analysis using HyperMesh, and I used the job launcher to start a job (this is how I ran it):





Usually it opens a few windows - The AcuTail, AcuProbe, and most importantly - the Command window, which allows to output the current computation so I can view if it's converging.

Unfortunatly, I accidantly closed this window for a long ongoing analysis, and I couldn't find a way to re-open this window.


I found a picture of the window i'm looking for at the documentation, it looks like this:




Is there any way to re-open it? is there any other way to output the results of the currently-running analysis?





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I don't know of a way to re-open the AcuSolve Control panel.  If you open the AcuSolve Command Prompt and browse to the problem directory, you can issue

acuSig  -out

and once the code receives the signal it will write an output file at the end of that time step.  This is the command the 'Output' button issues in the AcuSolve Control panel.  You should probably have the Acusim.cnf file in the problem directory as well, with the name of the problem.

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Even I think that there is no way to open AcuSolve Control panel.

However, if you open AcuSolve Cmd Prompt, then you can type the command acuTail  to view the .Log  file in live update mode.

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