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Connectivity issue? - hypermesh to abaqus

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The geometry was output from Solidworks. I did the mesh in Hypermesh by creating a vertical 2D element and spin 180 degrees and then reflect another half. No connectivity issue in check element tool.

The .inp file was imported in Abaqus, a pressure was added to the upper surface of the inner part, and the results were as follows: the elements of the inner part overlapped each other. Since I have meshed model directly in Abaqus before, as for the same force they should be sinking down together instead of separated into two parts. Is there anything wrong with the mesh connectivity or any advice for meshing in Hypermesh?


Attached the before and after loading, as well as the .inp exported from Abaqus.




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6 hours ago, Premanand Suryavanshi said:

Hi lanwujiu,


Have you deleted the 2d mesh after mapping? IF not please delete the 2d mesh which you created initially and try.


Thank you

Thank you for your reply, I have deleted the 2d mesh before submitting into Abaqus, if I didn't do it the software would warn no material properties.

To ease selection I associate the geometry to the elements, is that the case?

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7 minutes ago, Q.Nguyen-Dai said:

You forgot to make "equivalent" of nodes ?



Hi, thank you for your advice. 

The surface between the two parts are set as friction contact, after equivalence, Abaqus warns that the slave surf and master surf have all the nodes in common. How can I only select the inequivalence of the cross section?

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