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Create node with particular node number

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Hi All,

I have meshed a sheet metal part.

I need to take the output in particular co-ordinates.

So, I have renumbered all the nodes from 1000.


Now using *createnode (x) (y) (z) , i have created nodes at required co-ordinates.

I have created almost 150 nodes.

Now i have to renumber the new nodes from 101 to 150 as per the serial number provided for co-ordinate points list.


Is there any possibilities to create a node along with particular node number (ex: node at x,y,z (100,102,103) with node number 101) .


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Remember that node created by *createnode .... is NOT associated to elements, so they're useless for FEA.

From point of view of FE, it's NOT good idea to work with node ID. It's better to work with another FE way, like "sets" for example. You can control easily the sets of nodes.

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