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How to use python to load Flux project and to post process

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Hi, everyone


This may seem a dumb question. I need to do some repetitive work in Flux. I know I can use the python editor to in Flux to run some commands, but what I am trying to do is to use python IDE to run the python commands to load FLU  project and of course do other stuff such as changing parameter and post processing, without having to open Supervisor to launch the project and do work in Flux as what people usually do.


I can not find any useful material related to this...so if someone can tell me how to do this, or give an example/tutorial, it would be of great help. Thanks!


PS: I've tried similar work by using MATLAB, but changing the python command into MATLAB command is really hideous work...


Kind regards,


Qibin Chen

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1 hour ago, Yann Le FLoch said:


You can find in the installation directory of Flux an exemple of used of the python API for Flux.

"install directory"\flux\Flux\Api\Jython\






Dear Yann,


Thanks for you reply.


I tried to run the flux_mp.py as you suggested with Python 2.7.15, but the error ' NameError: name 'FMP_startLocaleServer' is not defined ' shows up (I already changed the working directory in the FMP_startLocaleServer function). May I ask why?


Kind regards,



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