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feeding the patch antenna

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For an infinite substrate you can use the model with the edge port for microstrip from:


Else, if the substrate is finite, the model would look similar, except for the substrate that would be finite and you would have to construct a via to ground with the edge for the feed at half of the height of the substrate.



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I can suggest 2 ways to construct the via.

Select the beginning edge of the feed line on the surface of the dielectric (Tools, Selection type, edges), and right click to select Copy (duplicate).

Take the copied out edge in the tree "Edgexxxx" and click on Sweep. 

The sweep distance is the thickness of the substrate.

Split the swept surface in two halves and place the edge port on the edge resulting from the split.



Construct a polygon or rectangle that connects to the edge of the microstrip. 

Use CTRL+SHIFT to "snap to" the two corners of the edge to create the first two points of the polygon.

The last two points would be similar except for their z values. 


Remember to Union after all these operations.


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