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building faces: point is out of bounds

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I want to transform my 2D model into a 3D model. So I imported the Flux object. Now I have my faces and the Sketch. The Nature of the imported geometric entities is "NO_EXIST". I change it to "STANDARD". I create a Transformation:


Then I wanted to extrode the faces:


After that I want to build the faces with the command: [Geometry] -> [Build] -> [Build faces]

But then the following error appears: 


What does it mean? 

The geometry has no defects.


Is it generally possible to make a 360 degree Transformation?


Thanking you in advance.

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In your case you need to use a transformation type: « translation along a vector » and not a rotation.

When you apply the transformation, you have the possibility to create the faces and volumes (this lead to not building volumes).


Best regards.

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Thanks, but I think I don't need an translation? I wan't a rotation of this face. Here is a simple example what I want:image.png.d9a0c94569e4e75d20228857891b34f3.png

The green face is the face of the 2D model. And now I want sth. like a ring like in the Picture. So I thought that the Rotation of 360 degree is right.

But the error appears and I don't know what is wrong. Is there any other possibility to extrude the face with a rotation?

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