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I want to output SPCFORCE of my constraint


Step 1 

I have set




Step 2 

I output boundary total force and I don't want to separate direction.

So I set Mag of here




Step 3

I choose nodes in my constraint 




Step 4

Then I output all of them data like this then do the summed of the all nodes data so I can get the area total force of my constraint





I just want to ask. Do I use the SPCFORCE right?





And other questions are about:


1. If my constraint area is 700mm^2 but I just want to see the constraint area force about 350mm^2


So if I just output the choosen area 350mm^2 it also output this area's SPC force. Then when I summed them it is my area 350mm^2's SPC force.


Is this idea right?


2. I have found that SPCFORCE can't support small displacement?


But at this time when I output it will have value.


3. If I use Option→Set  then choose the SPC which I set

How should I read the set's SPC force in hyperview.

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@Rahul R Thanks to your apply.


Can I use this output in small displacement analysis ?


Because in small displacement analysis we can't output the .spcf file.


And at the pdf it told us about output element 


How should I output nodes? Thanks for you.

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