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Estimate Damping Coefficient of spring and damper

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Please tell me how to determine the suitable value of damping coefficient of spring and damper whose value of K & C is unknown


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Spring stiffness can be estimated from the material properties, diameter and number of coils etc.. Please refer to https://vn.misumi-ec.com/pdf/tech/mech/p2813.pdf

If the spring is physically present, one can also do some simple physical tests to estimate the stiffness (and damping coefficient too).

One should note that the damping coefficient of a system depends on the mass attached and the mass of spring itself and the medium in which it operates.

One can calculate critical damping coefficient of a spring mass system using formula 2*sqrt(k.m).


If one does not have a physical system, for a spring mass system in air, considering damping ratio of 1% which is (C/Cc) is a good initial estimate. One can further tune this damping coefficient to get a better correlation





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