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how to find Torque produced in shaft when pressure applied on the plate attached to that shaft

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I am working on model of pressure plate which have axis offset. A shaft passes through it. when pressure applied (in x-y) on the pressure plate due to the offset one side of pressure plate will have more pressure. Which causes rotation on around z axis. As the shaft passes through z-axis. Shaft and pressure plate are bolted. As pressure plate will rotate it will tend to rotate the shaft. I want to find out for particular pressure how munch is torque is generated.


Preliminary analysis:

i have made freeze contact between shaft and pressure plate. Gave dof only z rotation for the shaft. Applied pressure on the plate. I have got only stress and deformation. No angular movement in shaft.



How to solve this problem



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thank you for sharing the file.


You have constrained the shaft in 3 translations and 2 rotations. Since solid elements don't have any rotation Dofs you are not seeing any effect of the load. 



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hello sir,

we have tried creating a point at center and connected that point to shaft using rigid elements and gave dof to that point. But we got deformation in e9.


what to do now.



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