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Thermal couple Structure

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At this time I do the analysis with the structure and thermal.


And When I set the part with temperature in the model


It will have the error like that 


 There were 1519 error messages during input processing.
  The first message is repeated below:

  *** See next message about line 3823 from file: Thermal.fem
   "SPC            3       1            20.0"

  *** ERROR # 1310 *** in the input data:
  Invalid component number on SPC for GRID # 1.



My process is like that:


First constrain the full model nodes then set the D for temperature 20°C







I know we can first do the thermal then set sub, but can OpitStruct just run the structure with temperature?


Because my temperature is now for steady-state. 





Model File Thermal.fem

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@Rahul R Thanks to your apply!


I have read the tutorial.


Because here I think we first do the thermal analysis is about we need to plus the temperature to some value.


So we need to use thermal analysis. But today if our temperature is stable.


We just set the constant of it like 20°C and maybe don't need to set the loadstep about thermal.


Just set the linear or non-linear analysis load step.


But now it seems whether if our temperature is stable or needed to plus. It also need to separate of thermal and structure then do the couple of it.


Does I describe it right?

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In Thermal couple Structure, It is must to have loadstep for thermal. The coupling in thermal structural analysis is sequential, that is, the thermal analysis affects the subsequent structural analysis.

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On 4/18/2017 at 9:06 PM, ePostler said:

Now I found the correct settings! I was a little too fast with sending my previous posting.



Setting Load Step > SUBCASE OPTIONS > TEMP > SID (LOADCOLID) > TEMP > Loadcol (THERMAL_LOADING) did not help. Using those settings only led to the following error message to be prompted:


*** ERROR # 720 ***
 Invalid static SUBCASE that has no load or enforced displacement.
     subcase id = 1




 For a successful calculation of OS-1010 I used the following settings:

  • Load Step > SUBCASE OPTIONS > TEMP_LOAD > SID (SUBCASEID) > TEMP > Loadcol (brew cycle)

 Figure 1 shows, where one can switch from LOADCOLID TO SUBCASEID and vice versa.



Figure 1: Switching from LOADCOLID to SUBCASEID and vice versa.



@Rahul R Here I saw this user can do structure couple the thermal.


And he is successfully. But when I set like he said, I will error too.


Where is my problem


My file Thermal.fem

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Now I know what you are on about! Its a simple thermal stress analysis. Your shared file will run through ,if you define temp load collector with card image as TEMPD  (20).PFA updated fem file. 


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@Rahul R Really Thanks for your apply!


So at the future I just set the load collector card's Card Image to TEMPD.


Then we can set the temperature value.


And just use two loadstep to run the structure with constant temperature.


Really thanks.



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