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change of settings on ePWM blocks

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I created an SWPM generator for 3-phase (as well for single-phase). And after seeing the examples in the simulation about the VCM-SPWM 3-phase block  with all the configurable features (3rd harmonic injection, carrier waveform, minimum pulse width, etc.) I wonder:

Is it possible to add variables that can be called outside the Codegen block?


What I mean is, in the ePWMx block there are several configurable options but all must be configured previously, it cannot be modified "on the run"; just for example, if I want to change the rising edge, I have to stop the process, enter to the block, modify it and run the whole setup again.


I tried to put literals on those options but it generates the error of "Please enter a positive integer."


Some ideas?


Thank you for your time.

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What you can change on the fly with the PWM block is the duty cycle (which is of course expected) but also the carrier frequency. In order to do that tick the "change period dynamically" box and you will get an extra input in the PWM block which you can use to define the frequency.

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Oh!...yes, you're right!! :):)


And seems that the phase and enable pins are available tho~ :rolleyes:


Whish to have more changeable options like dead band and the action qualifier...


Thank you a lot :D

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