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Alec Maxwell

Command file does not exist

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Hi all, 


I am pretty new to Hypermesh and would like to understand some of the tcl commands that can modify my Hypermesh models so that I can eventually write tcl scripts that will automatically take care of some processes for me. From the documentation it says that all commands that are being executed when interacting with the Hypermesh GUI will be written to the command file, and that this is a good way to investigate and understand what is going on when a user is interacting with the Hypermesh GUI. Problem is that when I attempt to open the command file I get an error saying that the command file does not exist. So my question has two parts. One, are my interactions with the Hypermesh GUI being recorded at all, and if they are where are they being written to. Second, is there an option within Hypermesh where I can tell the program to write the commands to a TCL script that I have created. Thank you in advance for your help. 


- Alec Maxwell

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