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chirag bangera

Motion Analysis

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I am new to altair solidthinking inspire. I was wondering if a motion analysis can be done to a belt and pulley system in Inspire ? If it can be done then can someone suggest ne which parts here needs to be rigid and which ones needs to be in motion. I have attached a pic which shows the contacting surfaces for the motion to occur. 


Contacting surfaces.PNG

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On 7/3/2018 at 5:40 PM, Rahul R said:

Belt-Pulley is not yet supported in Inspire Motion. You can simulate this with MotionSolve.

Hello Rahul,

Could you please tell me which is the tutorial for belt-pulley simulation in MotionSolve? I am studying the movement of conveyor with an object on it.

Thank you very much!



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There is no specific tutorial for this.

You can find the details about our Belt-Pulley tool in our MotionView help:

Altair MotionView -> MotionView Panels -> MotionView Toolbars -> Subsystems Toolbar -> Create a Belt-Pulley Subsytem


Further questions should be directed to our Multi-body dynamics forum.  Note that modeling belt-pulley systems is rather challenging and can be computationally expensive.

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