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I am trying to create a simple indoor scenario with network planning.

I am trying to implement a 2x2 MIMO in an LTE air interface conditions. 


My question is where can I define the modes that my MIMO is using?

For example: 

is the MIMO being used for Spatial Diversity or Spatial Multiplixing?

What type of diversity is it using (Spatial Diversity, Polarization Dicersity., Frequency Diversiy or Time Diversity)?

is it an open-loop or closed-loop MIMO?


As far as I know, I can only modify the Signalling Overhead, Beamforming and the Interference between the streams, but can I can modify the modes such as the ones I mentioned above?

If no, what are the defaults that ProMan is using?




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I believe MIMO is used for Spatial Multiplexing. The details of the diversity are captured in a parameter you define for interference between MIMO streams. This can be found under
Project / Edit Project Parameter / Network tab --> MIMO Technology --> Settings. You had already found this parameter and others. You also define the number of MIMO streams and you define explicitly the individual transmitting antennas and their patterns (including polarization).

At the receiver side, it is assumed that {number of receiver antennas} = {number of MIMO streams}.

I hope this helps a bit.

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