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Vikas Kumar

Selection of specific 1-D element

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Dear All,


I want to select some specific 1-D element like BAR element from config as shown in below figure.


image.png.53e3d7fdfda218dbd741a5caef7cf6f5.png      ->>>      







But i am not able to find config ID for BAR , JOINT or any other element so i can pass it in selection set handle.

I am using command 


hwi OpenStack
set t [::post::GetT];

model$t GetSelectionSetHandle Elem_set1D_Bar$t [model$t AddSelectionSet element]
Elem_set1D_Bar$t SetLabel "BAR 1D Elements"
# Elem_set1D_Bar$t Add "dimension 1" ; #  instead of this line i wants to use below line so it will select only BAR element This line is Giving all 1 d elements

Elem_set1D_Bar$t Add "Config id"    # but i am not able to find config id for bar element.
Elem_set1D_Bar$t GetSize;
Elem_set1D_Bar$t GetList; # Giving all 1 d element Joint ,BAR etc element
set set_1d [Elem_set1D_Bar$t GetID]

hwi CloseStack



can anyone help me to find config ID of all data type in hyperworks reference document.




Vikas Kumar



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