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Vikas Kumar

Querying about some element for 1D- stress value

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Dear all,


I wants to perform query for some element not for whole model as shown in below picture.




I am trying with this code but in this it is giving miximum value only for whole model but i want result for specific element ID. can anyone help me.


My code is.

                                     Model handle i got earlier as mh$t .

                                    mh$t GetQueryCtrlHandle qch$t
                                    qch$t SetDataSourceProperty result datatype Stress
                                    set set_query "contour top 1"
                                    set set_result_component "contour.value"
                                    set id_SelectedNode [mh$t AddSelectionSet element]
                                    mh$t GetSelectionSetHandle selection_set_handle_node$t $id_SelectedNode
                                    # selection_set_handle_node$t Add $set_query
                                    selection_set_handle_node$t Add $SpecificElem_ID ; # adding specific element which was added b4 
                                    qch$t SetSelectionSet $id_SelectedNode
                                    qch$t SetQuery "contour.value"
                                    qch$t GetIteratorHandle i$t
                                    i$t First
                                    if { [i$t Valid] } {
                                        set contourValue [i$t GetDataList]
                                        puts "contourValue: $contourValue"
                                    } else {
                                        set contourValue "N/A"



Vikas Kumar


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Hi Vikas,

You can pass the element Ids you want to the below procedure:


proc contourValue {lst_elements} {
    hwi OpenStack
        set t [clock clicks]
        hwi GetSessionHandle session$t
        session$t GetProjectHandle project$t
        project$t GetPageHandle page$t 1
        page$t GetWindowHandle win$t 1
        win$t GetClientHandle anim$t
        anim$t GetModelHandle my_model$t [anim GetActiveModel]
        my_model$t GetQueryCtrlHandle my_query$t
        set set_id [my_model$t AddSelectionSet element]
        my_model$t GetSelectionSetHandle elem_set$t $set_id
        foreach id $lst_elements {
            elem_set$t Add "id $id"
        my_query$t SetSelectionSet $set_id
        # my_query$t SetQuery "element.id contour.value";
        my_query$t SetQuery "contour.value"; #only contour value
        my_query$t GetIteratorHandle my_iter$t
        set data_list ""
        for {my_iter$t First} {[my_iter$t Valid]} {my_iter$t Next} {
        lappend data_list [my_iter$t GetDataList]
        puts "$data_list----data_list";
        my_model RemoveSelectionSet $set_id
    hwi CloseStack



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source the proc contourValue above,


set lst_elems  {700001 700002 700003}

contourValue $lst_elems


I would recommend you to get more familiar with tcl programming before getting into HV automation. 

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