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Discontinous stresses after analysis

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I have a double supported beam that I have divided into a non-design and design space. After running an optimization and generating the structure with ossremesh I did an FEA reanalysis on the model. When checking the stress contours I noticed that their were discontinuities between the design and non-design space. Running edge and face equivalence showed that there were no unconnected nodes. Both the design space and non-design space have the same material, but located in different properties.





What could be the problem?


Thank you,


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Hi Eric


I think it depends on how the "Simple Average" algorithm works.
By default, the averaging of components stops at component boundaries.


Try to set the switch at Contour->Average Options->Average across component boundary (Button below Averaging method).


If the structure is not connected by nodes (e.g. by contact only) it isn't possible.


Best Regards,



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