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geometry and mesh / with compressile area

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I make a transient magnetics 3D model. Around the moving part I make a box with compressible area, like in the user guide: file:///mnt/nfs/clients/CAE/Flux/Flux12.3/Help/Flux/english/Website/index.html?FluxGuideDutilisation1

Is it necessary to make, in the modeler Context, an assembly between the moving part and the box with the compresible area? Because without I didn't get any force as result. 

Or is the result with the assembly therefore falsified?


Thank you in advance.


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here is a screenshot of the link:


I made an assembly of the compressile area and the mobile part. But I don't know if the results are correct with this asembly.

Ans is it necessary to make this assembly, because without the assembly I can't solve the poblem?

Or is there an other way to model the compressile area around the mobile part?



I want to get the forces on the moving part for different positions. The Application is "Transient magnetics". So I made a solving Scenario with different distances between the moving and the fixed part. Here is an example of my model (without mesh): flux_support_assembly.FLU (2).zip


Thank you.

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