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I am currently using motion view to build a model to be used on hyperstudy. I am using the templetes provided by altair for FSAE cars and my goal is to do a optimization on the suspension hardpoints. And I am trying to build some constraits that would avoid the software to test designs that are not feasible.

So I am trying to use the IF function on the General tap of the Expression builder to set the coordinates of one of the suspension points, as shown on the picture below. So the goal is for example to avoid the tierod link to pass though one of the a-arms tubes. So what I wanted is to evaluate the value of the x coordinate as a function of one condition. But the result is always a error evaluating.

So my question is if the output of this function is usable for parametric expression, or this can only be used on solver expressions?  If it can be used on parametric expressions can you give me a example on how to use it. If not do you guys know other alternative that I can try to use to solve my problem. 




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Hello Pedro,


This IF function is a solver function, hence cannot be used in this case. You can use the following form

(a operator b)?c : d

So, if (a operator b) is true, then the value is c, if it is false it would be d


I don't have an exact model as in your case. Here is an example with a different model





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