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modifying / getting Nastran CBEAM properties (orientation / offset vectors)

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Hi Guys,
I'm trying to automate the creation of CBEAM elements along a node path wrt to a given "template" element which is already in the model. What I could achive so far is the creation of the CBEAM elements with help of the *feature_add command to create plot elements along a given nodepath and then switch the configuration of the created PLOTEL. These PLOTEL can now be "switched" to CBEAMs utilizing the *attributeupdateint, *attributeupdatedouble and *attributeupdateentity command. The correct property assignment can be done with the *propertyupdate command.

So far so good. In the next step, the orientation and offset vectors of the newly created CBEAM elements have to be adjusted with the *barelementupdatewithoffsets command. But the questions is, how can I extract these vectors from the "template" element. I already tried to use the hm_attributevalue / hm_atttributearrayvalue and hm_getentityvalue, but I don't know the correct keyword, to access the needed information. This leads me to two questions:

  • Does anybody know the correct command / keyword to obtain the orientation and offset vector data from a CBEAM element or
  • is there any possibility / a list to get all the possible query options to make on an element.

Thanks for you help,
# get nodes along beam path
*createlistbypathpanel nodes 1 "Select nodes for the beam:"
# save nodes in list
set lstNodeList [hm_getlist nodes 1]
# create plot element along node path
*features_add 1 0 0
# put newly created element in element mark 1
*createmark elms 1 "by comp name" "^open features"
# save plot element in list
set lstPlotElementList [hm_getmark elms 1]
# switch configuration to bar for all elements in list
*configedit 1 "bar2"
foreach numPlotElementID $lstPlotElementList {
 *attributeupdateint elms $numPlotElementID 4841 1 2 0 0
 *attributeupdatedouble elms $numPlotElementID 3273 1 0 0 0
 *attributeupdateentity elms $numPlotElementID 3271 1 0 0 nodes 0
 *attributeupdateentity elms $numPlotElementID 3272 1 0 0 nodes 0
# choose template element
*createmarkpanel elms 2 "Select template CBEAM element"
# save element id in list
set numTemplateElementID [hm_getmark elms 2]
# get property from template element
set numHMPropertyID [hm_getentityvalue elms $numTemplateElementID property 0]
# get property name
set strHMPropertyName [hm_getentityvalue props $numHMPropertyID name 1 -byid]
# put new beam elements to mark
*createmark components 1  "^open features"
# assign properties on component
*propertyupdate components 1 "$strHMPropertyName"



now the part with getting the element properties (X1 X2 X3 W1A W2A W3A W1B W2B W3B) from the "template" element should come


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hi Blubber

why you have to mesh "plot" then switch them to "bar2"?

you can create "bar2" from nodes by (example)


*elementsizeset 10

eval *createlist nodes 1 $NodeList

*linemesh_preparenodelist 1

*linemesh_saveparameters 0 1 0 0

*linemesh_saveparameters 1 1 0 0

*createvector 1 $vx $vy $vz ;#orient vector

*linemesh_savedata_bar nodes 1 60 0 1 $ax $ay $az $bx $by $bz 0; # a and b is offset values




anyway if you want to get vector and offset values of bar element  by hm_getentityvalue please refer 


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Hi tinh,


thanks for your reply and you're right, yours is a far more elegant way to create the bar/beam elements, and I think I'll implement it. But still, even by refering to the reference guide, I couldn't find the correct keyword to access the vector data. From trial an error I could obtain the GA and GB nodes by e.g. hm_getentityvalue elms $elemID node1 0 -byid and hm_getentityvalue elms $elemID node2 0 -byid respectively, but I've no clue what the correct data_name / keyword for the vector definition is. Refering to the template names by e.g. hm_getentityvalue elms $elemID \$GA 0 -byid doesn't work either.


Do you have any other idea?





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