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Helena Sanchez

Impact attenuator FSAE elements deletion

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I am an engineering student belonging to the SAE formula team. I am creating a model of an impact attenuator and studying it with RADIOSS. The impact attenuator is made of carbon fiber. For this I am using the material law 25.
The problem I have is that during the impact the elements do not break and behave like a metal that does not break. This can be seen in the images.

Looking for information I have seen that for the elements to break, values must be entered in the deformation sections. Is this so or to break it should other parameters be included?

If so, we lack data on the deformation of our fiber. Do you know any guidance value to start simulating correctly? Or do you know some way by simulating those values?

Attached to the message are the values entered in the material. It is a bidirectional carbon fiber 0/90 degrees. If there is something to change so that it works correctly, please indicate it to us. The units are MPa.

Thanks for your reply





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