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How to export ST inspire to *.fem file?

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I am running ST inspire optimization (v2018.1) but it takes quite long time for computation on my desktop machine. I want to submit optimization job on cluster but unable to Export *.fem file on RUN dialogue as help. The file size is Zero after export.

I am not sure any requirement on setting preference or this is a bug on v2018.1

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This issue happens only when a user does Fem Export from the Optimize window (with default model name) for models with really long names. Possible solution would be to get the short-names.If still face same issue, share .stmod file with secure file transfer available in my signature.

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Thanks Rahul for your suggestion. I will keep in mind this.

Actually, it takes sometimes to complete generating the meshing. My model is quite big(truck frame).

After the green flag appeared, click on that I already have correct *.fem file.


P.S: ST Inspire is very useful tools for my creating new design (small or big structure). I am just surprised that there are not so many questions/discussions anywhere else except for Altair Support forum.

Thanks a lot of Altair support forum.



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