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Step File Import Via Drag-N-Drop From Windows Explorer

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Windows 7 64-bit

Inspire 2014 build 3966

Following the tutorial "Moving and Snapping",   STEP 1,  Sub-step 7

  It calls for me to select a group of X_T files and drag them into the Inspire Window.

  But nothing happens.  No parts appear.

  (YES, I did select a "fit all".  No parts.  And no icons show in the model browser).


However, I  CAN get the files added to the tutorial and continue, by using the pull-down menus:

   FILE - IMPORT   (Ctrl-I)



This computer is not a CAD virgin, has several other CAD tools registered, so perhaps the install script did not register the X_T file extension as possibly applying to the Inspire application.


I have no urgent need here - no need to follow-up with me.

But a Tutorial sequence should be bullet-proof.  Either re-write the tutorial, or investigate the install script to see where this could go wrong.


No need to attach files - I am simply following the tutorial.

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Hi Keith, 


Sorry to hear you are having some issues, my colleague Jaideep mentioned that he has already followed up with you offline, he is an expert in solidThinking Inspire and should certainly be able to help you out. 


Thanks again for the comment.



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