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Inspire - Impact Force

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Hi everyone,


I'm a student in Design & Engineering at Politecnico of Milan and I'm trying out Solidthinking Inspire 2014 for my master thesis, which is on topology optimization applied to product design by designers.


Right now I'm trying to optimize an hammer handle, but I've some difficulties in setting the simulation in the right way.

The force applied to the head of the hammer during the usage is an impulsive one.

I can't find a way to set a force of this type on my model, so I tried to make an approximation:


hammer head mass: m = 1 kg

impact speed: V = 10 m/s

impact time: 1/100 s


I've considered an inelastic collision.

after some calculation, based on the relation

p = m*V

I've found out a force

F = 1000 N

to be applied on the head.


My questions are:


1 - Is there a way to set an impact force in Inspire (2014)? Has someone solved a similar problem?


2 - Is mine a valid approximation?


The force value doesn't need to be 100% accurate, I just need to know if my procedure is correct or if there's a better way to set the problem in Inspire



Thank you in advance :)

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It's nice to see you are using Inspire for your work.


As you know, Inspire can handle only linear static analysis. That said, users can create 'worst case' scenario by calculating F=mass * acceleration. It will give you good start with the study and with your assumptions. I would also suggest using bit of higher safety factor during the study. With this, Inspire can generate ideal shape/concept design, which you can use to create final model. I definitely recommend working on impact analysis on final design.


Your calculation is a good start, I have seen others following similar path early in product design phase.


I would love to know more about your work, please send me your contact information in a message.


Best regards,



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