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Mesh Type Used By Inspire

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Hi guys,


I'm wondering which kind of mesh is used by solidThinking inspire?


Using HyperWorks it is necessary to create a mesh after edging loads, constraints, material, etc....

As a user, I'm able to select the type, like tries, quads or I can go on with voxel mesh, OSSmooth.


By using inspire, the user doesn't has to create a mesh - It's just necessary to define forces, constraints, etc. but no mesh to run the optimization... Does anyone know how solidThinking inspire is doing this? A trustful source would be great!





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Inspire creates and uses mesh during 'Optimization' as well during 'Analysis'. But meshing setup and creation happens in the background using very powerful algorithm to calculate mesh size. If needed user can take control of mesh sizes for different components, but for me default mesh size always gives best results.


In Inspire, you assign loads etc on geometry, after automated meshing step, those get assigned to automatically to the meshed model. User don't have to interact saving time and reducing any user errors.


I hope this helps. feel free to contact me directly anytime.

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Optistruct is an engine running in the back for Inspire. You can find various papers etc on Optistruct on the internet. This is a commercial software, for business reasons, core code is not available.

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