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Stephan Karth

Apply g-load for Topology

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Dear all,

I'm new to inspire and currently checking the trial to make sure is fulfils our requirements.

I want to apply a 15g g-load to a cabinet that is attached to the ground. The g-load appears perfectly in the Analysis and the displacements make sense.

Unfortunately the topology optimization doesn't recognize the g-loads and breaks showing 'insufficient loads'. Is that a software bug or do I do sth wrong?

Anyone that has a similar example to show me?

Thanks a lot!



Design and Non-Design space --- G force = 15g upwards on all parts


Factor of Safety in Analysis works fine


Loads insufficient for TopoOpt --- Error

TopoOpt error.PNG

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Hi Stephan,

thanks for your detailed question. There are two things which are influencing your result, you may could do better:

  • You are asking Inspire to create a high efficient design (optimization) for a load which depends on the Volume itself. Just imagine what design you would create If anyone asks you to minimize Mass or maximime stiffness of a designspace which is direcly influenced by gravity itself. The best design would be to have no Mass at all!
    • In ur case you should add more areas of nondesign space around the desingspace, which can't be removed by the optimzation.
  • If you want to minimize mass by setting a factor of safety (fos), it could be possible that there is no solution for your aim.
    • The fos you want to achieve could be too high -> you won't get a result from optimization
    • The fos you want to achieve could be too low -> you have to reduce the minimum thickness constraint, so inspire can create smaller structures which fullfill the objective




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