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Parts disappear while dragging

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I have an urgent question regarding re-arranging parts in Inspire.

When I drag parts in the tree to another sub assembly they just disappear. Nevertheless their volume/mass keeps the same in the tree. But I just can't see them.

How can I fix this problem?





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Part should not disappear if moved into new assembly/sub-assembly.

There are couple of possibilities:

1. Moved part may be inside the other part, try selecting this part from model browser>select 'I" to isolate this part from the rest. 

2. Part may have different origin which is far away from model's origin and when moved into an assembly, it moves far away from the model. Select 'f' to fit the assembly.

Lastly please send me the model and I will try to find out solution.

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Dear Jaideep,

thanks a lot for your quick answer!
Option 2 causes the problem. Is there a way to replace the origin of the part by the origin of the assembly so it stays in the same place?

Another problem I'm facing is that when I'm dragging parts where loads or fixtures are attached to, the loads and fixtures disappear.
I tried to fix this by checking "rotate with part" but this doesn't solve the problem...

If you want to take a look at the file I can only send it by mail (because of confidential reasons...)




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