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Arjun Ajjampur

*****Evolve Tutorial Poll*****

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I work mainly in the field of crash simulations, so I would be very interested in tutorials/examples of animations.

Mainly I would be interested in the connectivity of H3D format, general set up, materials apply to H3D parts, rendering and animation.

The animations can both come out of the H3D, as also be camera movements.


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One webinar which would be incredibly useful I think for newbies like me would be a webinar that strictly deals with the main differences in design ideas/concepts/philosophies which solidThinking has developed EVOLVE around versus traditional CAD solid modeling tools.  What I mean by that is to say that traditional tools have things like assemblies, having to choose certain planes to draw their beginning geometry on, offsetting of these planes to get depth, etc., etc..  Whereas EVOLVE doesn't seem to have any of these things since it's primarily a surfacing tool, but one can still solidmodel as well.  But the idea of designing in 3D space completely FREELY is somewhat foreign to most of us coming into this environment - that a webinar devoted to such differences I think would be extremely helpful!!

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