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Applying pressure to inner surface

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I am trying to solve a school task.

The model in our exercise is a vacuum gripper for a robot. It consists mainly of a vacuum-pipe system which will hold a number of rubber-suction-cups.


I want to apply a pressure (from the vacuum system) to the internal surfaces of the vacuum-pipe system.

How can I select “through” the model in order to select the internal surface, I can't find such a function.

I have used the command “Partition” in order to separate the inner surface, see picture below, I can then hide the other outer part of the pipe and apply pressure to the inner surface part.


(Here , I had to select each and every surface part separately, isn't there a possibility to apply pressure to a set of surfaces at the same time?)


When I then use a Boolean command to Combine the Outer- and inner surface again the defined pressureload disappears!


So, how can I select and apply a pressure to the inner surface of the vacuum-pipe system?

Best Regards,


Innersurface with pressure.PNG

Innersurface selected.PNG

Non_Design_Space for Gripper.stmod

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Hi Inspired user,

this is a pretty nice project! - Welcome!

The easiest way here is to create a "Midsurface" of your partition. As a result, you can choose all surfaces easily to apply pressure and the computation time will be much shorter, once you've started the simulations.

You find the "midsurface" inside the "geometry tab".6WoxMqsoJAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

Finally, you'll just have to left-click on the red highlighted tube you created by using the partition tool.


Let us know, if this helps!


Best Regards




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Thank You Felix!
I have now solved the problem.
I was able to reach all inner surfaces and apply pressure to them by using section cuts and thereby reveal the inner surfaces. I still miss the ability to select many (neighboring) surfaces that connect to eachother. Like in Blender for instance you go ctrl+ and the selection of surfaces expand with each click with the neighboring ones.

I have tried the "Midsurface" command  You suggested on an "customized" and more organic model I created for the vacuum-system, se Picture below. Some surfaces are missing as You can see in the second picture. I will try this command out more later.


But anyway, I thank You for Your adwise!

Best Regards




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