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cables - and advanced support settings

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i have two questions:

1: is it possible to do cables in Inspire? I want to optimize nodes that are part of the substructure of a table that works with cables made of twisted steel-wire, so the cables should take no buckling and only tension should aplly on them, how could i do that in Inspire? i tried via the custom material settings by changing the materials properties, but without satisfying results. 

2: can i do custom supports that allow the table legs to not move in negative z-direction (because the floor stops them), but that can move upwards in positive z-direction and in x and y? because for now i can only block the z-movement both up- and downwards at the same time, not in particular. i tried by not assigning supports, but only movement limitations in z-downward direction, but then the optimization would fail

any help would be much appreciated!



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Hi Phil,

1: You could use the "Motion" module in Inspire. By using 3 cablelike solids, connected with sherical contacts, then will be able to submit tension only.

2.:You can activate "Degrees of Freedom" by double clicking at a support you created (there are threads inside this forum about this, as well as in the Inspire Help). To have a specific direction blocked, you will need "seperating contacts" and a contact defined between the table leg and the floor (solid or shell).

Please be aware, that for the whole model, you have to restrict anywhere every direction at least once.




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