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Link between the analyse and the optimization

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Hi , I would lik to know if someone knows le the link between  the analysis and the optimisation work. 

I mean , i can chose the size of the elements during the analysis ans choose the option coarse or accurate . What is the impact on the optimisation process ? 

thanks you 

Best regards 


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Hi Virgile,


Thanks for your question! "Faster" or "More Accurate" changes the mesh between Tetra 1th order (Linear Tetra 4) and Tetra 2th order (Parabolic Tetra 10):



You always want to run an Optimization in 1th Order (faster), because it is way quicker.


Results of 1th order Tetra analysis and optimizations are stiffer (self stiffening effect), but more conservative regarding the Factor of Safety. Second order is more accurate, but it will take much more ressources for the computation - so you might want to avoid  this exept for the first analysis and the final analysis. The difference in the accuracy is ~5% to ~10% (depending on models). The difference in computation time can be between 1h and 10h for optimizations. Usually, no high-end workstation should run second order optimizations. The difference of results doesn't matter in nearly all usecases.

A reanalysis based on an Optimization will use the same mesh - so if you select "Faster" for the optimization, it will be the same during reanalysis. If you select "more accurate", it will be 2th order for both optimization and reanalysis.


Let us know if this was helpful!






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