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Overhang Constraint - "Method Property"

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I found the following verbage at https://www.solidthinking.com/help/Inspire/2018/win/en_us/index.html?welcome.htm.  But, I cannot seem to find the "Method Property" in the Property Editor.  Any help would be appreciated.    

DITA_note Tips


You can also right-click on a design space in the modeling window or in the Model Browser and choose Shape Controls > Overhang from the context menu.
The Method property in the Property Editor provides two optimization methods for overhang constraints. The Strict method attempts to perfectly match the supplied print angle. It can fail if not enough material is initially given. Lenient is equivalent to the Penalty method in OptiStruct, and allows some of the model to fail to match the overhang angle while still converging to a solution.

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Nevermind...I found it.  You have to click on the actual overhang constraint in the model window to view "method".  I was clicking on the design space / part and looking under shape controls in the property editor instead.  Interesting to note how loads, supports, shape controls, etc. all have their own property editor even though each one is associated with a single part.  This seems to make sense in terms of organization.  

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