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Can I define Hypermorph's handles as design variables

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Dear Altair support team,


I am setting up the analysis of the crashbox for optimization.

I have some questions regarding the Hyperstudy,


1. As figure below, can I set the position of those handles (red points) as a design variables because I need to find out the optimal taper angle. When I looked into the .tpl file, there cannot be adjusted them while shell thickness can be specified the lower upper bound directly.

If impossible, could you suggest me the similar ways to carry out this task.


2. When I Evaluate Tasks for both nominal run and optimization. I think, the software is trying to solve the results but unfortunately when I look into the CPU load, it just 9% as same as the memory, completely different from usual situations. Normally, I define number of CPU cores as 24 (-nt 24) in RADIOSS.

There have something wrong? or how I can define the core number in Hyperstudy? it is very slow now even a small problem.


thank you for your help,

best regards



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Ans1.Global handles will only influence the nodes contained within their associated global domains.  Global domains and handles are best for making large scale shape changes to the model.So you cant use global handle as design variable. So create shape variable using any of the morphing approach and have it inside HyperStudy as DV.

Ans2. To execute a number of concurrent jobs, click Multi-Execution and activate the Multi-Execution checkbox.You can use Multi Execution for nominal and Optimization run.

Multi Execution.JPG

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