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Hi All


working on 3D flange having holes..i m trying to write script for 3D mesh of it..

process i am following is :

1. washer split for holes.

2. 2D Automesh surfaces

3. Solid map


I want 2D Automesh process to be interactive so that user can adjust mesh around holes to create good washer..

How can i do this..?





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When you use hm_pushpanel to invoke panel "automesh" to help user to adjust mesh, hm_pushpanel will return soon and not wait for user finish his work.

=> do not use hm_pushpanel, you need to pack all remained script into hm_setpanelproc



eval *createmark surfs 1 $::FlangeSurfs

set Holes [p_GetHoles surfs 1]

hm_entityrecorder surfs on

p_SplitHoles $Holes

hm_entityrecorder surfs off

eval lappend ::FlangeSurfs [hm_entityrecorder surfs ids]

hm_setpanelproc {

     hm_setcollector automesh [hm_getcolnumber automesh 1] surfs

     hm_initpanel {

          eval *createmark surfs 1 $::FlangeSurfs

          hm_activateitem [hm_getitemnumber automesh mesh]


     hm_callpanel automesh

     eval *createmark elems 1 {"by surface"} $::FlangeSurfs

     p_SolidMap elems 1


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