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For more information, see www.altair.com/mbd2019 and www.altair.com/mbd2019/compose.  To download a free 1-year license of this software, go to https://basicportal.altair.com/downloads.

Do you want to do technical calculations, scripting, data visualization or data processing (especially involving CAE or test data)?  If yes, then whether you are involved in academia or industry or are just a hobbyist/maker looking for cool & useful software, this no-cost Personal Edition software could help you achieve your goals. The multi-language environment of Compose enables the combined use of scripts written with its open matrix language (OML) with scripts written in Tcl/Tk or Python. And OML is compatible and inter-operable with Octave and MATLAB®. 


Altair has also expanded its support of open standards by open-sourcing its open matrix language (OML). Interested users and contributors can download source code from the OpenMatrix website and actively participate in this burgeoning R&D community.


Give Altair Compose™ and OML a try today!

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Python scripts can be created, executed (i.e., run), and debugged in Altair Compose.  Since Python language syntax is different from the OpenMatrix Language (OML) syntax, within Altair Compose, python scripts are run in separate windows from OML scripts.  But data can be actively passed back and forth between these separately-running script windows during execution. Moreover, this multi-language capability (i.e., of running python scripts and OML scripts together) is supported in the free edition of Altair Compose.


For more information about what the open-source version of OpenMatrix can do, it would be best if you seek answers and post questions on the associated website (www.openmatrix.org) -- enabling all of us in this community (designed for Altair Compose users) to maintain a clear distinction between the capabilities of the commercial software and the open-source software.  Thanks!

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